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JWP Ltd – Quality, Innovation & Design

Lock & Lock Food Containers & Dispensers

The unique Lock & Lock patented system brings together superb design and fine tolerance manufacturing, modular silicone seals and four seperate locking hinges, resulting in a range that is internationally acclaimed for its performance, practicality and looks...

Tavola Swiss - CAPstore Collection

Stylish, elegant and designed to complement the look of any kitchen, the Tavola Swiss CAPstore collection is the benchmark for 21st Century Coffee making. The vast range of products available can accommodate either Nespresso® coffee capsules, Dolce Gusto®, or Tassimo beverage capsules, and the sleek designs allow for easy access to your coffee.

Winner of the ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ prize at 2013’s Housewares Innovation awards, the good2go range of expandable food containers is stylish, durable and comes in a number of eye-catching designs.

The good2go Range

JWP’s pioneering range of expandable, 'on the go' silicone food containers are the newest addition to the award winning good2go range. Modern in both their design and approach, these stunning containers can collapse to half their original size

The good2go too Range

A range of Microwave only cookware that enables anyone to cook delicious meals in minutes. Previous Microwave ranges have often been created from low quality materials, with many people being left frustrated with the sheer lack of options in terms of meal choice.

The good2heat Range

Innovation from JWP

Comprehensive range of high quality cooking bags, oven liners and mesh all designed for quicker, tastier, more nutrious cooking that also helps keep your oven clean. In addition to this the range includes oven shelf sheilds to protect your hands, wrists and arms when reaching into a hot oven.

Klipy is a small and flexible company but large and experienced in its product design and manufacturing capabilities, and has a range of vibrant and functional kitchen products that will delight everyone who uses them. The products in the range are often characterised by a minimalistic form based on a simplistic and innovative approach which makes the lives of its customers far easier.

The Klipy Range

Gimi are world leading providers of high quality ironing boards, airers and shopping trolleys/baskets, and have spent years designing highly innovative, ergonomic products that really make a difference to the lives of people everywhere.

Gimi Range