Spring Fair 2017

Hello All

So the Spring Fair has come and gone and with it came excitement, a touch of apprehension and no shortage of long days…oh yes and weary legs, can’t forget the weary legs.

JWP went down there with something a little different planned for this years stand. We launched a new range of Lock & Lock at the Spring Fair called ‘Clearly Lock & Lock’, which is made from a highly durable plastic material called Tritan, which has the appearance of glass but has the weight of ordinary plastic. This makes Clearly Lock & Lock look the part and, due to the material that makes up its composition, remarkably robust, stain free and shatter proof.

We wanted to make a splash and really shout about this new range, so some thinking went into just how we could demonstrate the products strength and durability. We decided that what would really get people’s attention would be if we were to construct a walkway made from the Clearly products themselves, that people could walk directly across. This proved to be a great idea and many at the show said just how impressed they were by it. Photo’s of the stand are below.

It can be difficult knowing just how to launch a product at the Spring Fair, because you want to create a buzz but you certainly don’t want to make any false claims about the range and get embarrassed if something goes wrong. However we know just how good these products are and felt it the perfect way of showing the potential of the range. It turned out to be a real conversation starter and the show as a whole was a great one for us. All our brands old and new went down a storm, we met lots of old friends, made many new ones and did some great business.

Whilst at the show we were also delighted to be able to sponsor the benches around the Housewares Live stand, an area where many chefs, such as the Hairy Bikers and Malcolm Harradine gave demonstrations to the attendees at the show.

All in all, while all the organisation and set up is undoubtedly hard work, as always we thoroughly enjoyed the Spring Fair. We’d like to thank everyone who came onto our stand, whether to place an order, enquire about our ranges or just to say hello. It was a pleasure meeting every single one of you.

Speak soon.

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